The #1 ERP solution to help you run your fashion & lifestyle brand

23 jan. 24

One solution to handle and scale your wholesale business

Manage all your B2B orders from agents, retailers and distributors in one place via your own B2B webshop, EDI, Linesheets, scanner and virtual showroom.

Streamline your B2C business

Handle products and orders from your B2C only with a few clicks in Traede by connecting your B2C webshop (across online and POS).

Efficiently manage your inventory

Keep track of what you have in stock and where it is, what has been sold and to whom, and what needs to be bought in real-time. This will help you manage your inventory across all sales channels, locations, and drops.

Make better purchasing decisions

With accurate and real-time data, Traede makes it much easier for you to purchase from your factories. Make your purchases based on pre-orders and current stock, as well as keep track of delivery. This way, you can split up the deliveries to different places and much more.

Simple and automated fulfillment

Whether you have your own or external warehouse, Traede automates your pick and pack process. Ship the right items to your customers and give them the opportunity to track it.

Easily manage all your invoicing, accounting and payments

Handle all your B2B and B2C invoicing and accounting in one place. This will make it easier for you to keep track of payments, invoices that have been paid, and invoices that need to be paid with automatic reminders. You can also automate this process so it is easier for you to keep track of everything.

Get all the important insights in one place

Use our business reporting solution to get a better overview and understanding of your company based on real-time data. You can use our default reports or customize it to your needs.

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Jakob Simmelkjær
Jakob Simmelkjær

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